Since 1992 when I start making contact with glass I have been exploring different techniques to work with it. I specialize in glass etching at the Escola Massana in Barcelona, and then broaden my studies at various institutions such as the Fundació Centre del Vidre in Barcelona, Cerfav in Vannes le Chatel in France or La Granja Fundación Centro Nacional del Vidrio.

Thus I come into contact with other techniques such as carving, glass blowing or fusing. During this time I participate in exhibitions at Galeria Montcada Vidre Tallers and l'Espai Vidre in Barcelona, the Galerie Workshop in Berlin or the gallery Art-o-nivo in Bruges and work with different factories or industries such as Grau Glass, Regiopistrina or J.Castrillo.

Starting year 2000, and after making contact with the art of glassblowing, I decide to launch a project that allows me to design, produce and distribute my own pieces.

In 2001 I improve my knowledge on this technique by studying in the workshop of Winkelkote Franz in Germany. In 2005 I design and produce my first collection. Currently I share a workshop at Pueblo Espanyol, Espai Frosum with Katsue Kusumi.